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After she graduated with her BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, Mandy felt the irresistible lure of the mountains. She moved to Colorado, where she began a career of working with young snowboarders with a local nonprofit. She travels to the ocean with her husband to surf in the off season. In her work, you will see her emulate the peace and adventure found in mountains and oceans, as well as capturing the spirit of the animals that inhabit them.


I think many people are aimless. We may think we know what we were destined to do, but these things have a way of changing. The only way to find peace in the midst of a lifetime of aimlessness is to accept it. I once heard the advice to pursue your curiosities - not your passions, because identifying a passion can be a daunting task. But curiosities are something we all have! And when we don't pursue them we're leaving the rocks of our life unturned. Painting to me is uncovering the rocks. It is the curiosity that helps me to accept my aimlessness. It creates the illusion of purpose or destiny, but I know that it is simply a curiosity journey which has unknown turns and destinations. It has taught me that what we do matters less than who we are, and who we are is shaped by the journey we choose to embark on.